Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Days

Today was a BIG day for me and the boys. The big boys got their checkups with the doctor. Jaden weighed in at 37.5 lbs and Ethan at 47 lbs... my boys just keep growing!!!

I promised the boys luch out with Mom if they behaved themselves at the doctor's office. Well... they did OK if you don't count Jaden running down the hallway in his diaper when the doctor asked me to strip him down. But hey, who could resist a chance to run free?!?!

After lunch Jaden, Mason, and I took Ethan to his first day at a new preschool. Ethan is an old pro at school now with one year under his belt. Going to a new school this year is exciting for him. I hope it is going to be a GREAT year full of new friends and lots of memories.

Good Luck Ethan!

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Amy said...

lol, i LOVE that pic! then again... i just love your boys! I am SOOOOO excited for our party on Saturday!!!! It'll be a blast since we haven't played jewelry in FOREVER!