Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally Asleep

We just purchased a new home in Wentzville, MO. The home is only about 10 minutes away from the home we live in now and has alot more room for our growing family. We got to close on the house on August 22nd and Ethan and he was surprised when he got to be the one to unlock the front door for the first time (after all it was his 5th Birthday)!!!

For the last few weeks I have been taking loads of our belongings to the new house with the boys. Most of the time the boys have been sad to leave the new house and Ethan has started to call our home in O'fallon "old and rusty."

Today we drove out to the new house so Ethan could go to school. We had spent the morning shopping and the boys were already tired. When we got to the house I got the kids their lunch and then got them back in the car to get Ethan's carpool buddy. With all of the kids on board off we went to school. I dropped Ethan and Marissa off and went back to the house to get the little one down for their naps so that I could get some things accomplished. Ya, right?!?!? Needless to say the kiddos didn't go down for their naps as planned and it wasn't until Ethan walked in the door from school that Jaden fell asleep on the floor due to exhaustion.

After Ethan walked in from school he saw me working on some jewelry that I had to get done for some customers. He desperately wanted to help and I let him...I didn't get my work completed but I did get to spend some time with Ethan.

Jaden woke up and I began to chase the boys around braking up fights and trying to find something fun for them to do in this BIG... EMPTY house. I took the boys out to pick up some dinner and as we went through the drive through (yes, this was a fast food day)three times before they FINALLY got our order right. I was just glad all of our tummys were full.

We were home from dinner less than five minutes when in walks one of the contractors bidding on the basement. Thankfully no one got seriously hurt while I explained the project for the 20th time in two weeks... LOL! At 7:35pm I got all the boys in their car seats and locked the house up. Now it is time to go back to the O'Fallon house and get my monkeys to bed.

I have to remember through these busy days while you three are little and there is LOTS to do that this time is precious and I only get it once! I love you three more than you will ever know (at least until you have your own sweet children). I pray for stregnth EVERY day that I might have the patience to be the Mom to you that you deserve. Remember that I am learning and I will make mistakes...I am sorry for these mistakes!!! It is through learning these life lessons that I grow.

Good night you are each SO amazing to me. Oh how I love to watch you when you are FINALLY asleep!!!

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