Monday, November 24, 2008

A New Auntie

Rick's younger brother Robert has announced that he will be getting married on December 16, 2008.

Robert and his fiance have come to visit from Utah for Thanksgiving. We have had the privilege of having our new family member stay with us on her visit.

Michaelene my kids are smitten with you and have enjoyed getting to know you SO much. I will never forget the day you arrived in our house. It has been a while since I have seen Ethan try so hard to impress someone... it was TOO cute. He was doing every trick in his repertoire from cartwheels to karate kicks and then there was him showing you how loud he could burp... OK so some of his impressive tricks I am sure we could have all done without.

Welcome to the family... we look forward to getting to know you better and making many more memories with you!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Visit from "Nani"

Amy married into the family almost one year ago and we have LOVED having her in our lives!!! It has seemed that we have seen very little of her over the past few months and we have missed her terribly. Oh, by the way Jaden named her "Nani" when she was living with us while her and Jason (Rick's younger brother) were engaged.

Today was a special day... Nani came to visit!!! Our house was full of germs with Jaden, Mason and I sick but she came any way and we enjoyed her while she was here.

(Nani holding three babies! Jaden, Mason, and the baby in her tummy... SUPER Nani!!!)

As you can see from this picture Jaden put aside discomfort he was feeling due to being sick to play with his "Aunt Nani." Then he felt sick again and his Nani was there to comfort him... THANKS Nani!!!

When the boys were finally in bed Nani and I got to spend some time in the craft room being silly. This is us trying out the vinyl cutter... Nani, you should have gotten a shorter hair cut!!!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to come and hang with us... see you again soon!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recycle Heroes to the Rescue

Today was a very windy recycle day here in Wentzville. I took the boys for a walk after breakfast and we saw trash blowing everywhere so my little superheroes jumped into action. Recycle heroes to the rescue!!!

They were on their power wheel speeding through the neighborhood picking up trash as they drove.

The boys even stopped to clean up some trash left by the construction crew working on a new house down the street.

After our third trip back to our house to drop off the trash the garbage truck showed up and my little superheroes helped the trash men get the trash in the RIGHT place once and for all!!!

Recycle heroes... mission accomplished!!!

Spare Time

OK... so even though I have had little spare time in the past month my boys have had their fair share. It seems that they have gotten themselves into some interesting situations and I have had to hurdle over mountains of boxes to get to my camera in time to get a picture of their predicament.

Jaden trying on every bib in the house (I had just unpacked them and found a new home for them in our new kitchen).

Jaden trying to take off every bib in the house... SO FUNNY!!!

Jaden walking around with Tupperware for boots...

I had to delete the picture of Ethan doing the same thing from my camera after realising that he was wearing only his power ranger underpants while preforming the stunt. Hopefully you appreciate the fact that I deleted the image Ethan... it was hard for me to delete such a FUNNY picture!!!

Mason wishing he could walk so that he could try on those cool Tupperware boots!!! Note that Mason is sporting some shiny NEW teeth... CONGRATS Mason!!!

The infamous "stuck in a box" pictures that is a must have for anyone moving with young children.

So it is now past 3am CST and I better drift off to sleep so that I don't miss any funny moments tomorrow may hold. These guys keep me on my toes and I have to admit I laugh ALL the time!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Moved In

OK... so it has been a while since I have posted and let me tell you there has NOT been a shortage of comical things to write about!!! We are officially moved into our new home in Wentzville, MO and with three little ones running around it has been a GREAT workout. It feels like I have not sat down in weeks... I am the new energizer bunny I just keep running and running and running.

I am one that cannot stand to look at boxes waiting to be unpacked... I am like Alice in Wonderland even though the boxes don't actually say "unpack me" but I just can't stand being half done with anything.

The boys have done really well adjusting to the new house and even Rick (who originally protested the move) has fallen in love with all of the space that he has now claimed as his own. It seems as though things are falling into place for each of us and we have already made a few friends in the new neighborhood.

Halloween is ALWAYS a fun time for our family and this year was NO EXCEPTION!!! We were able to construct our haunted Halloween gingerbread house just in time for Halloween (this tradition could NOT be passed up, move or no).

This is the ONLY picture I got of the construction of our Halloween house as I was busy making more orange frosting for decorating... the boys were just SO excited they were using icing as fast as I could make it!!!

We got our pumpkins carved on Halloween when Daddy came home from work. Ethan and I made the most original pumpkin EVER... Rudolph the red nosed pumpkin!!! Ethan started drawing the face on the pumpkin and made the eyes so big that there was little room for a nose... I quickly ran to my craft room and got some supplies. We hot glued a glittery red pom pom on the pumpkin and gave it some antlers. Ethan thought this was the best solution ever and quickly changed his sad demeanor.

Jaden and Daddy finished their happy pumpkin and we got ready in our costumes.

Ethan chose to be a green Power Ranger, Jaden wanted to be Spiderman, Mason was forced into the CUTEST Batman costume ever, and Daddy was the Incredible Hulk (to stick with the theme). I was lame and didn't pull a costume together for myself... so I was SUPERMOM!!! I think anyone who is the mother of three boys and can unpack a whole house in one week is a SUPERMOM so it worked!!! We had a GREAT night and despite all the energy the boys used up they still had a hard time coming down from the sugar rush that accompanies the holiday but we did get them to bed eventually!