Friday, September 5, 2008


Today was a busy day we had a lot of things to do and many places to go... we started off at City hall getting a copy of some documents. While I was waiting for the clerk I realized that the boys had brought a small soccer ball into the building with them and started to kick the ball in the waiting area "Oh, my... whoops!?!?! How did they sneak that past me" I sat them both down (as two police officers walked past us) and told them the "this isn't a place where we play soccer!" Ethan turned to Jaden after I headed back to the clerk and said "Cause the cops will take you to jail Jaden and that's BAD mister!!!" I tried not to laugh out loud but I am glad he understood that it wasn't a good idea.

We then went to Walmart to pick up a few things before heading to the new house and to my surprise the buckles in the shopping cart didn't work. Trust me when I say my boys need to be contained inside Walmart!!! Without working restraints I had my hands full trying to keep the boys on task... "Mommy, I saw this on TV can we get it PLEASE!!!!" says Ethan "Peaseeee!!!" Jaden chimed in. When I explained that we should try asking Santa Jaden threw himself on the floor in the middle of the walkway and proceeded to roll around... no screaming just rolling around. I almost purchased a camera to capture the moment. It was SO funny... my little Jaden trying to throw a fit and failing miserably. Hey, don't get me wrong I will take rolling around on the floor any day.. trust me he can wail but for some reason he didn't see the need to exert the energy this time around.


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Amy said...

lol, Jaden is just too cute! I wish I had been awake when you called last night so he could talk to his Nani! And yes, I believe looking will not cause a reaction... yay! And it won't be a peanut for much longer! AHHHH!!!