Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OOPS we did it again!?!?!

We purchased a new home in Wentzville and have now started the myriad of construction projects that has become tradition for us.

Ethan was at school when the truck arrived with the lumber we purchased for framing in the basement. I took pictures so that he wouldn't miss out on the experience. I have to say is was neat to see this truck lift the wood out over the yard and swing it to our sliding door with the front wheels off the ground.

The first comment out of Jaden's mouth was "look Mommy?!?!? It's Lofty (from the cartoon Bob the Builder)... it's Lofty Mommy!!!" followed by a brief pause "Where's Scoop???"

I think Jaden was impressed!!!

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Amy said...

Very impressed and always with Bear Bear in hand! so sweet!