Monday, September 15, 2008

A Baby Story

I have not posted in a few days because I have been busy helping Heather with the delivery of her sweet baby Austin. I got a phone call at 2:55am Friday morning that Heather was at the hospital in Saint Charles and was about to get an epidural (to help with pain management). I showered and got Mason ready and rushed off to the hospital knowing that we would have a full day ahead of us. When I arrived at the hospital the anesthesiologist had already began placing the epidural and I waited in the hallway for him to finish the procedure.

When I walked into the room Heather was waiting for the relief from the pain medication and Grandma Bonnie was waiting for relief from a pillow (she looked very tired). From the time they arrived at the hospital Heather had been surprised by the pain of childbirth and decided that even though she would have liked to have a natural birth she was in need of some assistance. After the medicine took effect Heather was able to get some rest.

As the epidural took effect Heather's contractions slowed down and decreased in intensity... I think both Heather and Bonnie were frustrated by the effects of the epidural and I tried to serve as a support for the two of them. When the Dr Brondz arrived (the same OBGYN that delivered Jaden 2 1/2 years ago) he decided to break Heather's water and start pitocin to stimulate contractions that would progress the labor.

When Dr Brondze broke the water he discovered that there was marcionum in the water and had to start an amniotic flush where they try to clean the marconium from the sac before delivery. They started the pitocin after wating an hour to see if Heather's uterus would regulate the contractions on its own. After increasing the dosage several times the contractions were coming too fast and not giving the baby or Heather's body a break and was causing Austin distress. The nurse realised this by watching the monitor from her desk and rushed in to turn off the pitocin.


Amy said...

to be continued? lol

The Duree Family said...

LOL... life is SO busy. But i assure you that good things come to those who wait ;)