Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My "Jaderbug"

My sweet Jaden... today was a BIG day for you. I can NOT believe that today you are three years old. Oh, how it seem like I can scarcely remember life without you but days like today I am reminded that you have only been with our family for such a short time.

You have added SO much to our lives and I am AMAZED to watch you grow every day. One of the best parts of being a Mom is celebrating the day that you made me a Mommy for the second time...

You are such a sweet little boy and I hope that you are always able to maintain the gentle nature that you have been blessed with... it will serve you well.

I know that it is hard at times to be a child learning rules, butting heads with your brothers, hearing the word "no!" for what seems to be the hundredth time in a two hour period. I can see in your interactions with others that you are kindhearted and will easily give (normally to one of your brothers) even though your three-year old mind is struggling to fight the urge to hoard all the toys in the house.

I will be walking through the store and strangers will come up and want to talk to you commenting on how cute you are. You are so magnetic and everyone who spends time with you falls in love with you and your SUPER personality!!!

Today we celebrated as a family and you wanted a "HULK SMASH PARTY" and that is what I tried to give you. You were SO excited... it is amazing how such simple things make you SO happy!!!

After pizza and cup cakes you were satisfied but not until you licked off the last bit (you are TOO funny)

You were SO excited to get a SUPER Mack truck for your birthday... Daddy made sure you learned all the tricks with your new toy.

You even let Mason give it a try...

Jaden... Daddy and I love you to the moon, we could not imagine life without our Jaderbug, Jadertatter, or our lil guy. We will be here for you FOREVER!!!


Hippie Family... said...

awww, happy birthday!! it looks Awesome! bet you made those cupcakes yourself too!

Another Duree Family said...

awww... Happy Brithday Jaders! Nani loves you, too! Too bad you and your cousin David couldn't have shared a birthday, lol

Robert and Michaelene Duree said...

Happy Birthday Jaderbug!!!! That is so much fun! Congratulations on tuning 4! We love you so so much!!!

Kristy said...

I can't believe how big he's gotten since you guys were here! Good luck with this next year...I don't know about you, but 3 years old has been a challenge for me with both kids.