Thursday, February 12, 2009

UDesign Jewelry

UDesign Jewelry has officially come to Utah!!! Last night I was there to help Michaelene (my new sister-in-law) with her first party as an official UDesign Jewelry Rep. Needless to say we had a BLAST!!! There was a lot to teach her but I think she has the basics down and is ready to run with it!!!

The tables were set and ready for our guests. We were pleased with the boutique look we had established!

Our display was full of fun treasures for our guests to swoon over !!! We swung by this AWESOME fabric store yesterday before the party to add a touch of class to our table and I have to say I am TOTALLY jealous of the assortment of GREAT craft items at AMAZING prices here in Utah... don't worry Rick I am not going to make us move again!!!

This is jewelry making at it's finest... don't be afraid of the thousands of beads. DIVE IN with BOTH hands... LOL!!!

My sweet Chantel (my good friend's daughter that I babysat ages ago) came to the party and it was a BLAST to hang with her even though it was only for a short time!!! I miss you Chantel... Joe(her sweet husband) you are a rock star. Thanks for taking such GREAT care of my sweet Chani!

A completed design, with heart dangle... just in time for Valentines Day!!! This sterling silver design is SUPER cute for the season of LOVE.

UDesign Jewelry is a home party business that allows women to put their creativity to good use while getting the highest quality jewelry at affordable prices.

I am SO in LOVE with these party's.... come out and play with me at my next one!!! Feel free to check out my site

If you are in Utah look up my SUPER sister in law at

She would be happy to set up a party for you or customise something one on one.


Hippie Family... said...

Awww. looks like you had an Awesome time!!! I can't wait to hear all about it.. We are going to a concert and to dinner this weekend :) Must really be valentines day. I love that necklace!!!
Looks like that party was super fun!

Another Duree Family said...

lol, LOVE the identical blog posts!

Elaine Duree said...

how fun!looks like you two pulled a great party together.KEEP IT UP