Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Coupons

In addition to presents this year each child in our family got a set of special coupons from Mom and Dad to redeem when they desired. Ethan noted that his coupon from Mom had an expiration date of 12/09 and decided to redeem it quickly, less he forget and run out of time.

As you can see along with the coupon he received a festive apron, oven mitts and a chef's hat (which he adores).

Even though Ethan could have picked out any type of cookies he choose to bake the ones we had in the fridge and was delighted that he could do it on his own while I photographed the whole process.

Not to worry... Ethan ate every single one of these cookies by himself :)

The purpose of the coupons was to give our boys some one on one time with Mom and Dad doing activities that they LOVE!!! I hope you guys know that even when life gets busy Mom and Dad are ALWAYS here for you. ALWAYS know that we will do our BEST to get your needs met... even of the cookie baking variety.

Ethan I loved spending this time with you watching your excitment as you got to dictate each step of our "cookie baking extravaganza." You are SO full of personality... I LOVE hanging out with you and watching you learn about the world around you. You are SO curious and never stop investigating until you discover what makes things work...don't ever abandon that curiosity it will serve you well!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time with DADDY

Our family has been blessed to have a Dad who works for himself so that he can have the flexibility to be at home more than most Dads. It seems like Ethan, Jaden and Mason just can't get enough of their Daddy. This past week has been a special treat with Dad around for days at a time for the Holiday. We have had plenty of "play time"...

Just take a look at this picture of the boys building a track with Dad utilizing nearly every piece of track we own and that is A LOT of track!!!

Even Mason got in on the action... he really likes the new GeoTrax Airport Santa left for the boys. Yeah for Santa!!!

Now that Dad is back at work all Jaden can do is ask when he will be home... Jaden I hope you ALWAYS want me and Daddy around as much as you do right now. We LOVE YOU three!!!

A Magical Christmas

Oh, how I love being a Mom.

Christmas time with three young boys can be exhausting but this year I am FULL of joy and overwhelmed by my many blessings!!! I have three wonderful sons who I love dearly!!! I am amazed by how quickly they have grown... it has been wonderful seeing the magic of Christmas through their eyes!!!

Rick and the boys made the gingerbread house on their own this year (until Rick begged for my help... after adding too much water to the icing) and even though it only stood up for a few moments it was still the "best gingerbread house EVER" according to Ethan.

The fact that the gingerbread house never really stood up didn't change the fact that it tasted yummy!!!

From soft and fuzzy winter hats to matching nurf guns that drove Daddy crazy.

Even baby Mason enjoyed himself eating Christmas paper on the floor! We ALL had a fun filled Christmas morning...

Before breakfast we realised that Mason had been eating more than Christmas paper on the floor... I had just changed him into his new Batman PJs when he hit the jackpot with a chocolate Santa from his brother's stocking... he was in heaven!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It feels like I haven't blogged in ages and well... I haven't!!! We had the opportunity to go to Utah this past week for Rick's brother's wedding on the 16th and we had a BLAST. We got to visit with alot of people that we love and miss and most importaintly got to be at Robert and Michaelene's wedding.

The flight to Utah was managable with the three kids in tow and we safely made the drive to Park City where we would be staying. We changed our clothes and off we went on the many adventures that awaited us.

That night we met my brother Brian and his family at Temple Square... what a sight!!!

We were all a little silly because it was SO COLD outside!!!

OK... so I was the only one being silly... guilty!!!
Mason managed to stay toasty after I was through bundling him up for our outting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Late Night Elf

The end result of a sleepless night :)

OK... so I am aware that it is after 2:30 am CST but an Elf has to work uninterrupted sometime. I have to document my hard work for the years to come.

I found a GREAT hiding spot... there is a bathroom in my craft room that is seldom used. To tell you the truth boys it was getting too hard to keep you out of the craft room (you are way to persistent). After some REALLY close calls I moved everything to the bathroom.

Tonight I tackled not only the gift wrapping but I finished all of the projects I have going for our Duree family Christmas Party that is at our house this year. All of the cousins (that are old enough to keep them out of their mouth) are going to get antlers with their names on them... I finally made them tonight.

And no prancing reindeer can leave the party without a bag of sugar to replenish their energy (thanks Ethan for helping me with the goodie bags).

Each member of the family will be getting an ornament with their name and the year on it... I managed to make them tonight as well.

Finally it is time for some sleep!!! Oh, boy I don't know how those Elves do it!!!