Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time with DADDY

Our family has been blessed to have a Dad who works for himself so that he can have the flexibility to be at home more than most Dads. It seems like Ethan, Jaden and Mason just can't get enough of their Daddy. This past week has been a special treat with Dad around for days at a time for the Holiday. We have had plenty of "play time"...

Just take a look at this picture of the boys building a track with Dad utilizing nearly every piece of track we own and that is A LOT of track!!!

Even Mason got in on the action... he really likes the new GeoTrax Airport Santa left for the boys. Yeah for Santa!!!

Now that Dad is back at work all Jaden can do is ask when he will be home... Jaden I hope you ALWAYS want me and Daddy around as much as you do right now. We LOVE YOU three!!!

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