Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Late Night Elf

The end result of a sleepless night :)

OK... so I am aware that it is after 2:30 am CST but an Elf has to work uninterrupted sometime. I have to document my hard work for the years to come.

I found a GREAT hiding spot... there is a bathroom in my craft room that is seldom used. To tell you the truth boys it was getting too hard to keep you out of the craft room (you are way to persistent). After some REALLY close calls I moved everything to the bathroom.

Tonight I tackled not only the gift wrapping but I finished all of the projects I have going for our Duree family Christmas Party that is at our house this year. All of the cousins (that are old enough to keep them out of their mouth) are going to get antlers with their names on them... I finally made them tonight.

And no prancing reindeer can leave the party without a bag of sugar to replenish their energy (thanks Ethan for helping me with the goodie bags).

Each member of the family will be getting an ornament with their name and the year on it... I managed to make them tonight as well.

Finally it is time for some sleep!!! Oh, boy I don't know how those Elves do it!!!

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Another Duree Family! said...

Well... the four main food groups of elves are candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup! lol. if you don't get that, we are sooo watching Elf when you get home from Utah!
P.S. I am not planning on coming to visit before you leave because I don't want any of you guys sick while you're having fun on VACATION! ;) I'm trying to be responsible, lol