Thursday, December 18, 2008


It feels like I haven't blogged in ages and well... I haven't!!! We had the opportunity to go to Utah this past week for Rick's brother's wedding on the 16th and we had a BLAST. We got to visit with alot of people that we love and miss and most importaintly got to be at Robert and Michaelene's wedding.

The flight to Utah was managable with the three kids in tow and we safely made the drive to Park City where we would be staying. We changed our clothes and off we went on the many adventures that awaited us.

That night we met my brother Brian and his family at Temple Square... what a sight!!!

We were all a little silly because it was SO COLD outside!!!

OK... so I was the only one being silly... guilty!!!
Mason managed to stay toasty after I was through bundling him up for our outting.

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Another Duree Family said...

LOL Mason looks so dang cute! I cannot believe he is crawling!! Then again, I cannot believe that next year I will have a baby who is crawling, lol. Sunday was so much fun! Can't wait to hang out again SOON!!!