Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Swing with me!!!"

With Mason sound asleep Jaden and Ethan seized the opportunity to have some quality time with their Mom. Jaden took my hand and lead me to the back porch and into the backyard. The sun had already set and it was dark outside but for the three of us there was still plenty of time. Did I even need to guess why they brought me out to the yard?!?! No, not for a second.... "swing with me Mommy" they chimed in unison.

I couldn't resist their plea and we swung until the Mosquitoes chased us inside. I got Jaden and Ethan ready for bed. While I was tucking Jaden in he turned to me and said "swing me higher Mommy" and we pretended to swing while laying in the bed. He is NEVER done playing and I am never done helping him use his imagination... night, night boys!!! I love "flying high" with you!!!

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