Thursday, August 28, 2008


I took my three boys to get their shots today and boy do I feel like a JERK!!! Ethan misses the cutoff for kindergarten this year so he really didn't have to have any this time around but I thought it wise to space his kindergarten shots out. I chose to get him two of the four required immunizations this year and two next year before school starts. Jaden needed four shots and Mason needed five (available in three needles... thank heaven!!!)

The story goes like this... our insurance doesn't cover immunizations so off to the county health department we went. The four of us arrived and the waiting room was not crowded so I had high hopes of a speedy departure. To my disappointment it took 45 minutes from the time I completed the paperwork to the time our name was called to receive our shots. WOW... was it fun!!!

When our name was called I still had not broken the news to Ethan (5) that he too was going to be getting some shots. He had kindly informed EVERY person in the waiting room that his brothers were here for their shots and that he didn't need any... WOOPS. The nurse said "Big boys first!" and I put Ethan on my lap with his arm behind my back to keep him still. As the nurse came towards him with the first needle he exclaimed "you are going to shoot me!?!?!" My poor son... and with the second needle even more tears from my oldest son.

The nurse asked Jaden (2) to get on Mom's lap and he did. as soon as he was sitting on my lap the tears started flowing. Despite the tears my brave little man held his arm out for the nurse and took his four shots (two in each arm) like a "mini man." You are SO compliant Jaden and way too sweet!!! Thanks for being such a good listener... I am afraid I couldn't have followed through with all the shots if you hadn't been such a trooper.

Mason's (5 months) turn was next and he got three shots in this chubby little thighs. Thank goodness for baby chub... I would like to think that it makes it less painful!!! By the time Mason's shots were over all four of us were in tears and we were escorted out the door.

By the time we got through traffic and arrived home Jaden was fast asleep despite Mason's persistent crying. As we were walking into the house Ethan stated that his arm was "pooped" as it hung by his side... my sweet boys battered and bruised all in the name of preventing illness.

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