Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To LIFE

Well all good things must come to an end.... even the Holidays.

We have had a GREAT Holiday season with a trip to Utah a new baby cousin (Bella Horton)and lots of family time. I must say this has been the best Christmas season I can remember full of magical memories that will be with us for a lifetime!!!

Today was Ethan's first day back at school and at first he seemed disappointed to be going back "Mom, school is SO boring!!!" by the time he got home he had fallen back into his old ways eating popcorn and drinking chocolate milk (his favorite afterschool snack choice)and talking nonstop about his friends and the days events.

Even though we are sad at the sight of the living room without a pretty Christmas tree (the boys had a BLAST taking it down with the needles falling everywhere but were sweet enough to help me clean it up) all good thing must come to an end. Only 10more months until a new holiday season is upon us. For now it is back to life... and what fun it is!

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Robert and Michaelene Duree said...

I just love your blog you have such a knack for saying the perfect things. I feel the love. Thanks
Love ya bunches M