Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pig Roast

Today we went to the house Aunt Amy grew up in for her parent's annual pig roast. Well I have to say I had to do some convincing to get Dad to come along but we all had a GREAT time!!! There was a hay ride, sheep (that Nani helps take care of), a horse, basketball, volleyball, fishing, and a really big dog and timid grey cat (that tolerated Jaden's curiosity).

On the hay ride Dad tried to teach Ethan how to blend in...

Ethan looked SO cool that Mason gave it a try...

Jaden had a GREAT time on the hay ride looking at all the animals... we are SO grateful that he actually didn't fall out!!! This is the look he gave me after I asked him to sit on his bottom the 100th time.

No pig roast is complete without a bonfire... which I have to say my boys enjoyed immensely!!!

The bonfire ended in a brutal brawl between father and son over the last marshmallow. Shame on you would think that you could refrain from taking down your 2 year old son over a silly marshmallow!!! JUST KIDDING... but it was the only excuse I could come up for this picture.

You know they had a good time when you get home and no one argues about going to bed... night, night my little ones!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Monkey Man

Tonight after dinner Rick, the boys and I were chillin after a long day. I had put some juice boxes in the fridge for our trip to the new house tomorrow. I normally water their juice down to get them to drink their share of water, so the sweet juice boxes were TOO tempting.

Jaden had already gotten into one and Ethan though it was unfair that we were not allowing him to indulge in one as well. When Dad headed back into the kitchen after a brief absence he saw Ethan climbing into the fridge and said "Ethan... don't climb the fridge" to which Ethan firmly replied "But I'm half monkey you know!!!"

Oh, Ethan you always have been quick witted... you sure keep us on our toes!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Playing Doctor

I have to say my boys have done some CUTE things... well I have to say this tops the list. Jaden and Mason I think you are the CUTEST!!!

Mason not knowing what he was in for...

Mason squeeling with glee that his big brother is still playing with him...

Taking a break while holding hands... SO SWEET!!!

I LOVE MY little GUYS and all the laughter that accompanies them.